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We Specialize in the Science of Herbal Magic

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We strive to change how people perceive and use tinctures for health and well-being with a full line of small-batch crafted products from our Potion Masters in Sebastopol, California.

We stand for:
  • Awe & wonder
  • Consistency & reliability
  • Compassion & effectiveness
  • Equity & justice
  • The joy of good living
  • The endlessly amazing healing power of nature


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The PhytoMagic Story

If it can be imagined, the Earth contains the resources to create it

The PhytoMagic cannacentric herbal product line began in 2007 as Mitcho formulated and produced a line of tinctures for the launch of the Peace in Medicine dispensary in Sebastopol, CA under the brand "Lumen Naturae." The tinctures amazed medical cannabis patients as they were stunningly successful in targeting symptomatic relief, and both the loyal customership and the product line grew, eventually expanding into the "Granny Jane's" line of tonics and glycerites.


Fun Fact! A glycerite is a tincture made using food-grade glycerin instead of alcohol. PhytoMagic tinctures are flavored with glycerites made from organic fruits and spices!

Team PhytoMagic has been working together in various arrangements since 2010, through and surrounding Peace in Medicine. Each of our backgrounds in wellness and activism made for an exemplary synergy to provide healthful products with positive intentions and impact. With training and educational materials, we were able to bring a fresh and enlightening perspective to cannabis products to many different dispensaries, eventually furthering our reach by offering informational seminars about Seniors and Cannabis, the Non-Toxic Lifestyle, and High Magic: Cannabis in Spirituality.

The more challenging the process, the more rewarding the creation

Sadly, with the advent of recreational cannabis regulations, Mitcho's tincture production site was not zoned in a way that could be licensed. But team PhytoMagic banded together with a plan to bring these veritable potions of vitality and mirth into the regulated market! We designed and built out our manufacturing and distribution facility, affectionately called The Resourcery, right across the street from where it all started here in lovely Sebastopol. Really if you haven't been here come visit! It's awesome!

Once we got our facility up and running we began to evaluate and update our formulations. We reached out to old customers to get feedback, adjusted some ratios, added some exciting new herbal inputs, and then sent each prototype batch through extensive R&D measures. And by extensive, we mean our team as well as our extended network of family and friends got to playtest subjects for the various iterations of these ever perfecting potions. Seriously, we ate a lot of tinctures during this phase, and can now attest that tasting both Sleep Spell and High Spirits on the same day produces... intriguing results.

What is designed by the heart brings laughter to the head

Finally, our fantastic tinctures are back and better than ever! All of our tinctures are produced with organic cane alcohol and organic food-grade glycerin infused with organic herbs and fruits, as they always were, but now we are formulating them with Vertosa brand nanoemuslified cannabis oil. If you're not familiar with nanoemulsions, it is the dispersal of tiny droplets of oil into a water-based solution, which is not just fun but it also creates a fast-acting effect that is more comparable to smoking or vaping than it is to edibles. We are so delighted to be offering this advanced formulation, as the effects are incredibly enjoyable and very in line with the wellness intention of each product.

We are hoping to bring even more exciting cannacentric herbal products your way soon... but I'm told I'm not allowed to tell you about those yet. Super top secret! But let's just say that you'll see

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In all journeys, there is a path where everyone gets what they need

We believe in a concept we affectionately call “Kind Capitalism”, in which supporting the common good is a fundamental responsibility of all businesses. At Phytomagic we have borrowed the idea of the “Triple Bottom Line” from our experience working in nonprofits, which calculates the actual success of a business not just from its financial reports but also from its impact on the community it serves and the planet as a whole.

Our commitment to the greater good comes in two forms:

  • Environmental Stewardship! Our facility is solar powered and we use organic, locally sourced inputs whenever feasible.

  • Social Equity! Our company’s financial model allocates 5% of our profits to charitable donations. These donations are directed towards anti-poverty work, equal rights for People of Color and LGBTQI+ communities, and environmental justice.


We as a team of living, breathing, loving human beings have committed ourselves to these ideals of service, both inside and outside the workplace. Across our team we serve on the Board of Directors at both Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County and the California Blacksmithing Association, donate our personal time and money regularly at Daily Acts, Positive Images, Food For Thought, and Social Advocates for Youth; and share our wisdom and joy with the world by teaching classes at the Sonoma County Herbal School and Oaksterdam University, and by hosting seminars on wellness topics in community spaces around Northern California.

We'd love to team up with you to make positive change! If you operate or know of a good cause that we can support, please let us know!

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