Herbal Potions for Every Life Moment


Shake it off and keep on keepin' on

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For when you need immediate relief from the chaos of the world, but also you don't want to leave the world. Seek calm and joy amidst literally everything. Demand Serenity Now.


Chai flavored tonic of skullcap & lemon balm with equal parts THC & CBD for a balanced euphoria.


1mL dose: 4.2mg THC + 4.2mg CBD

Bottle: 250mg (125mg THC + 125mg CBD)

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Relax into the tranquility of a respite well-earned

Got tension, stress, irritability, panic, paranoia, despair, rage? For when you've just absolutely had enough, let it all go and find Serenity Now, at night. 


Pomegranate-blackberry flavored tonic of wild lettuce, skullcap, & valerian with a 3:1 THC:CBD ratio for a calming elation.


1mL dose: 6.3mg THC + 2.1mg CBD

Bottle: 250mg (187.5mg THC + 62.5mg CBD)

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Uplift, energize, enliven

B_High Spirits Render.png

Dropper like it's hot with the soaring euphoria of cannabis, the energetic uplift of yerba mate, and the nootropic mind expansion of cacao's theobromine. High Spirits at the club, in the gym, or for a romantic candlelight evening. 


Blood orange & cacao flavored tonic of skullcap, cacao, & yerba mate with a full-THC infusion for a soaring uplift.


1mL dose: 8.4mg THC

Bottle: 250mg THC

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HIgh Spirits 2.png
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Awaken your productivity and creativity

Unlock the latent 90% of your mental potential, exploding through your self-imposed barriers of productivity and "normal" human consciousness. Accomplish a magnum opus. Seek enlightenment. *This is only applicable if you have a "high" work ethic, heh.


Rosemary-lemon flavored tonic of ginkgo biloba & lemon balm, with 3:1 CBD:THC ratio for a focused inspiration.


1mL dose: 6.3mg CBD + 2.1mg THC

Bottle: 250mg (187.5mg CBD + 62.5mg THC)

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Indulge in the gift of restfulness

B_Sleep Spell Render.png

Teleport into the future by the truest time machine known to humankind: unconsciousness. Fall asleep. Stay asleep. Wake up awesome.


Chamomile flavored tonic of passionflower, hops, & chamomile with a 3:1 THC:CBD ratio for a dreamy sedation.


1mL dose: 6.3mg THC + 2.1mg CBD

Bottle: 250mg (187.5mg THC + 62.5mg CBD)

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Find digestive peace

Did you eat too much? Feeling queezy and uneasy? Get back to that good Gut Feeling, even if you've had too much ice cream. 


Peppermint flavored tonic of peppermint, ginger, & lemon balm with a 3:1 CBD:THC ratio for soothing relief.


1mL dose: 6.3mg CBD + 2.1mg THC

Bottle: 250mg (187.5mg CBD + 62.5mg THC)

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PhytoMagic blends are plant-based and utilize all-natural and organic ingredients, blended and infused with the best intentions. Our production room uses both crystals and beakers, moon charts and bunsen burners. With PhytoMagic you are getting the best both science and spirit have to offer. Experience magic the way it was always intended to be performed: Scientifically!

Each of our tonics is a specially formulated blend of herbal tinctures infused with flavorful glycerites to make them into delicious medicines. Even though no certification exists for organic cannabis products, we use organic herbs, organic fruits, organic spices, organic cane alcohol, and organic food grade glycerin. 

"But wait, is glycerin safe?" some of you may be wondering, having read articles about the dangers of glycerin additives in vapor carts. We are glad to assure you that glycerin is natural and safe to ingest! As long as you don't smoke or vape our tonics, you'll be just fine.

How to Tincture

Shake it up. Fill dropper to desired amount, common dose ranges from 5 drops to 1 mL (marked on the dropper). Place under tongue for fastest results. Feel amazing!

With FAST-ACTING cannabis extract nanoemuslion, you should begin to feel the effects within 5-10 minutes, with the duration between 1-4 hours depending on your metabolism, what you ate previously, and your mood at the time of taking.

For first time PhytoMagicians, we recommend using 1/4-1/2 mL to start. Wait for at least 45 minutes to see how it affects you before you consider taking any additional tonic. Remember: you can always take more but you can never take less!  If you feel overwhelmed by the cannabis high, don't panic. Cozy up with some tasty treats and a glass of water and you'll feel the effects wear off in less time than it takes to watch a single installment of Lord of the Rings.

Historical Brand Conversions

If you're familiar with the original brand names of these fantastic tinctures, once proudly offered as Lumen Naturae and Granny Jane's, here's a handy chart to identify which PhytoMagic product you're looking for:

  • What was Daytime Anxiety is now Serenity Now Day

  • What was Nighttime Anxiety is now Serenity Now Night

  • What was Deep Sleep is now Sleep Spell

  • What was Brain Tonic is now Think Fast

  • What was Nausea is now Gut Feeling

  • What was Disco Fiesta is now High Spirits


*These formulas have been changed slightly with the addition of flavors and are now infused with fast-acting cannabis extract nanoemulsion!