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Relax into the tranquility of a respite well-earned


Got tension, stress, irritability, panic, paranoia, despair, rage? For when you've just absolutely had enough, let it all go and find Serenity Now, at night. Not appropriate for work or social settings.    


Serenity Now - Night is a pomegranate & blackberry flavored tonic of wild lettuce, skullcap, & valerian with a 3:1 THC:CBD ratio for a calming elation.


A standard 1mL dose contains: 6.3mg THC + 2.1mg CBD

Total cannabinoid content per bottle: 250mg (187.5mg THC + 62.5mg CBD)

Infusion Base: Organic food grade vegetable glycerin, organic cane alcohol, distilled water

*This formula used to be sold under the brand Lumen Naturae as Nighttime Anxiety.

How to Tincture: Shake it up. Fill dropper to desired amount, common dose ranges from 5 drops to 1 mL (marked on the dropper). Place under tongue for fastest results or mix into your favorite beverage for a life-altering refreshment. Feel amazing!

With cannabis extract nanoemuslion, you should begin to feel the effects within 5-10 minutes, with the duration between 1-4 hours depending on your metabolism, what you ate previously, and your mood at the time of taking.

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