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Awaken your productivity and creativity


Unlock the latent 90% of your mental potential, exploding through your self-imposed barriers of productivity and "normal" human consciousness. Accomplish a magnum opus*. Seek enlightenment.


*Accomplishing magnum opus is only applicable if you have a "high" work ethic, heheh.

Think Fast is a rosemary-lemon flavored tonic of ginkgo biloba & lemon balm

with a 3:1 CBD:THC ratio for focused inspiration.


A standard 1mL dose contains: 6.3mg CBD + 2.1mg THC

Total cannabinoid content per bottle: 250mg (187.5mg CBD + 62.5mg THC)

Infusion Base: Organic food grade vegetable glycerin, organic cane alcohol, distilled water

*This formula used to be sold under the brand Granny Jane's as Brain Tonic

How to Tincture: Shake it up. Fill dropper to desired amount, common dose ranges from 5 drops to 1 mL (marked on the dropper). Place under tongue for fastest results or mix into your favorite beverage for a life-altering refreshment. Feel amazing!

With cannabis extract nanoemuslion, you should begin to feel the effects within 5-10 minutes, with the duration between 1-4 hours depending on your metabolism, what you ate previously, and your mood at the time of taking.

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