PhytoMagic is a line of fast-acting, cannacentric herbal products that uses the natural synergy between cannabis and other healthful herbs to target your physiological and mental needs, allowing you to function on your highest level and be your best self.

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Express your inner artist.

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Be the village witch.

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Fall in love with the environment.

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Become one with the cosmic.

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Achieve a new personal record.

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Nurture like there's no tomorrow.

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Cultivate your most awesome reality.

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Embody yourself fully and unapologetically.


  PhytoMagic blends are plant-based and utilize all-natural and organic ingredients, blended and infused with the best intentions. Our production room uses both crystals and beakers, moon charts and bunsen burners. With PhytoMagic you are getting the best both science and spirit have to offer. 

Each of our tonics is a specially formulated blend of herbal tinctures infused with flavorful glycerites to make them into delicious medicines. Even though no certification exists for organic cannabis products, we use organic herbs, organic fruits, organic spices, organic cane alcohol, and organic food grade glycerin. 

"But wait, is glycerin safe?" some of you may be wondering, having read articles about the dangers of glycerin additives in vapor carts. We are glad to assure you that glycerin is natural and safe to ingest! As long as you don't smoke or vape our tonics, you'll be just fine.

To learn more about our formulas check out our PRODUCTS page.

To learn more about our intentions check out our ABOUT US page.  

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How to Tincture

Shake it up. Fill dropper to desired amount, common dose ranges from 5 drops to 1 mL (marked on the dropper). Place under tongue for fastest results. Feel amazing!

With FAST-ACTING cannabis extract nanoemuslion, you should begin to feel the effects within 5-10 minutes, with the duration between 1-4 hours depending on your metabolism, what you ate previously, and your mood at the time of taking.

For first time PhytoMagicians, we recommend using 1/4-1/2 mL to start. Wait for at least 45 minutes to see how it affects you before you consider taking any additional tonic. Remember: you can always take more but you can never take less!  If you feel overwhelmed by the cannabis high, don't panic. Cozy up with some tasty treats and a glass of water and you'll feel the effects wear off in less time than it takes to watch a single installment of Lord of the Rings.

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